The Importance of Getting Your Tires Aligned at The Point of Purchase

September 11th, 2011

Many people fail to understand the importance of getting your tires aligned at the point of purchase. A new tire is something that should last for as long as the rating. It also should give you top performance and a smooth ride. However, if you fail to take care of every tire on the car, they may not last too long and this can cost you money.

Professional Alignments

Many people bring their car in to our shop because they notice a tire or two that has uneven wear on it. In some cases, it can be from improper inflation. However, it also can mean that the car needs to have a professional alignment.

Take a look at the car and notice the condition of each tire. If you notice any tires that are worn on the sides, this means the tire has been run without enough air. If a tire is worn in the middle, it has been run with too much air, and is overinflated. This problem is easily taken care of with regular tire checks. However, some things are not that easy.

You may notice that a tire is worn on one side only. This usually means that there is an alignment problem. The wheels need to stay in proper alignment with the suspension in order to wear evenly and smoothly. When a tire wears unevenly, its lifespan is significantly shortened and we cannot honor the warranty.

When you decide it’s time for some new treads, it is important to have the car's alignment checked out at that time. If it is found to be out of alignment, it may be a simple matter of making some adjustments to the steering components. However, in some cases, components can be worn or worn out and they will need to be replaced. If not, all kinds of problems may develop. Always keeping your car in alignment is a good investment for the future. For one thing, the tires will last much longer and your car will be much safer to operate.

Checking the Alignment

It is important to have your car's alignment checked periodically. Driving over rough terrain or potholes can sometimes affect the alignment. This can shorten tire life if you do not have it taken care of.

Whenever you have the tires rotated and balanced, you should have an alignment check at the same time. This will insure that everything is in top shape. Also, you can get many more miles out of a tire purchase this way.

New Tires + Alignment = Less Money

Next time new tires are in the near future, remember the importance of getting your tires aligned at the point of purchase. An out-of-alignment front end can cost you a great deal of money, as it can shorten tire life significantly. It is also unsafe, as you may have worn steering or suspension parts on the car.

If you have questions or concerns about when and how to check your vehicle’s alignment, Contact Us and one of our experts will be glad to assist you!

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