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January 19th, 2012


It’s that time of year again. It’s time for cold temperatures and wet, slippery snow. Winter time is the season that all car owners dread. Tasks such as winterizing your vehicle, getting the right tires, and maintaining your vehicles heating system are not always easy. Having good winter tires and a good working heating system are a must, when it comes to winter driving. Without these vehicle necessities, you’re better of walking or taking the bus.

If you live in an area where it snows, it's important to maintain and service your vehicle to insure you get the best performance and life out of your vehicle. It is also a smart idea to have your heating system checked, before the cold winter starts. We can live without the power windows, heated seats, and air conditioning, but our vehicles need a good heating system. This, of course, does not pertain to the people who live in warm climates year round. For those who have to endure harsh winters, having heat is a must.

We can survive in the summer without air conditioning. Just roll down the windows and you’re all set. In winter, if you have no heat, you’re in real trouble. You could wear more warm clothes, but that just eliminates one of the issues, when it comes to having no heat. The heating system not only keeps you warm, but also helps keeps your windows defrosted. Even when there is no snow fall, frost can develop on your windshield. So, having properly working heat in your vehicle is a necessity in cold winter months.

The heating system’s function varies from make and model of a vehicle. However, most vehicles are heated using a small radiator either in, or ducted into, the passenger compartment. In order for the heating system to work, the engine needs to be running. That's why it is always important to keep up with the service and maintenance of your vehicle. Maintain your vehicle regularly and make sure all the major components on your vehicle work. Proper vehicle winter maintenance will help you have a safe winter commute.

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